Questions about our deskbells?

Our deskbells will return on backorder in 2024. Email if you have any questions about our instruments.

2024 Pre-Order Details w/ Mr. Rob

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Pre-Order FAQs

Partial Shipments

We're NOT doing partial shipments for Ultimate Kit preorders. They will ship as complete kits in early 2024 when all the bells and whistles have arrived and are assembled.

On the plus side, you can access your Prodigies Lifetime Membership right away.

And furthermore, if you really need a hand with a partial shipment, we can help you out, but we will ask you to pay for the difference in shipping costs.

While You Wait

While you wait for your deskbells to ship you can use our free Prodigies Bells app, as well as sing and hand-sign along with our lessons. We even have a Hand-Sign/Instrument Free Playlist inside the app.

What if I move?

If your address changes and it's still within the U.S., simply email us at and we'll make the adjustments.

If you're moving out of the U.S., contact us using the link above and we'll figure out the customs differences.

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