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Full Deskbell Set (C Major + Expansions)

Full Deskbell Set (C Major + Expansions)

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Save on Deskbells and combine all 3 sets of Deskbells for the a colorful, bright & more advanced bell setup.

These high quality and durable instruments ring from A5-E7, but are notated in most instances in Treble Clef from A3-E5.

This Bundle contains:

C Major Set (8 Bells)
Chromatic Set (5 Bells)
High/Low Extensions (7 Bells)

The C Major Set can be used with over 300 videos inside of

Playtime Prodigies
Preschool Prodigies
Performance Prodigies
PsP Melodies & more

The Chromatic and Extension bells come into play in

Primary Prodigies Chapter 2+
Holiday Prodigies
The combination of all the bells also allows learners to explore more tonalities, key signatures & more advanced concepts on the deskbells.

Happy music making!

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