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Lifetime Kit

Lifetime Kit

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60 Day Return Policy

We're a small family company and we only want happy and excited members. If Prodigies is not for you, we'll refund you no questions asked for the first 60 days. We simply ask that you do not download our materials and then ask for a refund once you've done so.


The Lifetime Kit includes:

Lifetime Streaming Membership

  • 800+ Video Music Lessons from Prodigies
  • PDF Downloads, Lesson Plans, Sheet Music & Worksheets
  • Stream on iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku4k, fireTV
  • Unlocks more features & resources on the web at
  • Lifetime Access to Prodigies Streaming Apps (Website, TV, tablets)
  • Facebook Community & 5 Star Support
  • Value $1867

All Prodigies Deskbells (NEW)

  • Prodigies C Major Deskbells, 8 Core Notes
  • Chromatic Deskbells, 5 Sharp/Flat Notes
  • Extension Deskbells, 7 High/Low Notes
  • Well tuned, durable & safe for young kids
  • Colorful and easy to play for young musicians
  • 2 year, 3 bell replacement policy included
  • Free "Prodigies Bells" app download for on the go fun


"Thank you for the magical thing you’ve done for my daughter." – Jacki W

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  • Intro Material

    FAQs, Getting Started Tips, Our Best Parent/Teacher Training & 52 Minutes of Free Content to Demo Prodigies

  • Curriculum PDFs

    Songbooks, workbooks and thousands of pages of printable curriculum to help enhance and guide your child's musical journey!

  • Totigies

    Solfege rich music for infants and toddlers that makes great background music to reinforce Solfege and early pitch development.

  • Playtime Prodigies

    Toddler friendly primer videos that don’t require an instrument and feel a bit more like a TV show for kids than true music lessons.

  • Prodigies Music Level 1

    Our flagship curriculum teaches the language of music through Solfege, colors, note names and numbers. Perfect for preschoolers and early elementary students. Primer materials for toddlers included.

  • Prodigies Music Level 2

    Continue the Prodigies Music Curriculum with more standard notation, treble clef lessons and songs designed for elementary music students.

  • Recorder Prodigies

    Discover colorful & friendly recorder curriculum for young musicians learning their first wind instrument.

  • Piano Prodigies

    NEW: We've begun work on a colorful series of piano lessons for preschoolers inside Piano Prodigies!

  • Ukulele Prodigies

    Discover Hawaii's favorite instrument in this colorful introduction to the Ukulele. Perfect for beginner string players.

  • Holiday Prodigies

    Celebrate the music of Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, Passover & more with this holiday mini-series.

  • Parent Materials

    Lesson plans, webinars, blogs, research & more to help guide musical engagement with your child.

  • Prodigies Playlists

    Our playlists include warm-ups, ear-training exercises, rhythm & hand-sign practice, echo lessons featuring a child vocal model, song studies & more!


    We combine hand-signs, colorful bells, recorder, ukulele, Boomwhackers & more for a fun, well rounded and whole-musician approach.


    With the look and feel of a TV show, Prodigies is fun & easy for kids ages 2-12.


    Teacher-free video with colorful sheet music. Designed with performance in mind, great for multiple instruments & kids.


    Print out lesson plans, checklists, sheet music, worksheets & more to enhance your musical journey!


    Use one login for your whole family and enjoy unlimited streaming of all videos!


    Step-by-step course progressions help guide you through different notes, levels & instruments.

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    Even if you know very little about music, you’ll be able to give your kids an amazing musical head start (while probably learning a lot yourself!) Your kids will sing more in tune, learn an instrument & your home will come to life with music!


    Prodigies is easy to use with multiple kids and you only need one account! Plus, you can print as many worksheets & checklists as you need to show your work and take the videos further. 


    Music teachers love our focus on Solfege, Orff-inspired instruments & Kodaly concepts. Experienced teachers will immediately understand the concepts, patterns & approaches we take, so you can dive into group lesson plans, worksheets, performance prep & more. 


    By being colorful, rhythmic & formatted for early readers, Prodigies makes music lessons more accessible than ever. We’ve seen non-verbal kids sing Solfege, play the bells and so much more.


    Early Childhood Educators already understand the power of teaching through song. Prodigies empowers you to teach music itself. Preschool children are in their critical period for auditory development which means you can have an exponentially larger impact on a child’s long-term musical ear.


    If you’re looking to roll out a colorful, approachable and effective music ed solution, we have group plans and bundles to help you implement Prodigies at scale.


    Kids LOVE to sing! Prodigies makes it easy to develop their voice by singing simple songs about the musical notes.


    Whether you’re using desk bells, a xylophone, a piano, a ukulele, a recorder or your voice, Prodigies has you covered!


    By combining Solfège (Do Re Mi) with easy to remember hand-signs, kids connect the abstract sounds of the musical notes to concrete & memorable motions.


    Our goal is to give young children as many chances to interact with musical notes as possible. In order to develop pitch, repetition and consistency are key. This is especially important before age 7. Our color-coded materials make for tons of practice with isolated pitch.


    It’s time for everyone’s favorite: Sweet Beets! Rhythm practice can be as simple as clapping in time, but we make it fun. We introduce rhythm first with silly fruits & veggies, then advance to Ta and Ti Ti (Kodaly), and up through standard rhythmic subdivisions (1e+a 2e+a).


    Using colorful instruments and music makes it easy to get kids performing, composing and improvising in a very real way. Each lesson includes performance instruction and opportunities for learners to compose.


    The core curriculum focuses on bells that are colorful, easy & fun to play.

    While they are ideal for beginners & children with special needs, they are also expressive enough for mature players.


    Prodigies combines singing Solfege (Do Re Mi etc) with simple hand-signs to make pitch development concrete, memorable & fun.

    This way, you always have an instrument with you!

    The hand-signs help to make the abstract idea of pitch more concrete and memorable.

    Plus, by combining two hands with our voice, we’re activating multiple areas of the brain for more points of access to pitch.


    Go digital with our free Prodigies Bells App!

    The app features a C Major Scale & a more Chromatic instrument.

    Digital bells are also available on our site, or you can download the standalone bell apps below.

    Available on:

    iTunes Store
    Google Play


    Learn to play your first wind instrument with our medieval themed series Recorder Prodigies.

    We recommend the Aulos 3 Piece Student Recorder, but any decent soprano recorder will work.


    Discover Hawaii’s favorite stringed instrument in ukulele Prodigies, a colorful introduction to the ukulele.

    When starting with a Ukulele, we recommend choosing a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele to begin.

    Available on:


    Prodigies works wonderfully with xylophones, glockenspiels & other mallet percussion.

    Mallets present more challenging alternative to the deskbells, which is good for kids ages 5+.

    Add some colorful stickers for a more error-proof instrument.

    Available on:

    25 Note Glockenspiel on Amazon

    Colorful Stickers from Prodigies


    You can also follow along with a piano, and we recommend color coding your keys with Chromanotes Stick Ons.

    Note: our course "Piano Prodigies" is still in it's infancy, though all of the lessons are easily followed by a piano or any C Major instrument.


    Most of the rhythm lessons in Prodigies can be followed by tapping, clapping & stomping.

    However, if you want to make it a little more fun, look for some of the popular kids percussion instruments listed below.

    Available on:

    Remo Kids Drums on Amazon
    More Percussion from


    A standard in the music education classroom, all of our materials match the colors for Boomwhackers.

    These musical tubes are great for large groups, movement activities, and playing 1 or 2 notes by yourself.

800+ Video Music Lessons & Songs

From 1 Note Studies, to Sweet Beets & all the way up to Gershwin, Prodigies contains over 800 videos to help your kids fall in love with the art and language of music!

Get the Lifetime Kit

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Prodiges Lifetime and Prodigies Ultimate Kit come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our hope is that your child's music education (and maybe life) are forever transformed by the skills they'll develop with Prodigies.

We love our community of happy & thriving Prodigies members! If your kids don't enjoy the program, or if your homeschooling or teaching plans change, we will happily accept your return within 60 days of purchase.

*International shipping fees may apply. Materials must be in good condition for resale.

Talk to our team

Email us at or give us a ring at (302) 307-1997

Busy Parents Wanna Know...

How will work Prodigies into our day?

For quick wins that are low pressure for you and your kids, open up Prodigies and work though our quick start playlists or our long play videos. This can take as little as 4 minutes for a video or as long as 40 minutes.

If you’re ready for step-by-step lesson plans, check out Prodigies Music Level 1A, grab the corresponding workbook PDF (or textbook from our shop) and use the 45 minute weekly lesson plans provided.

Using the weekly lesson plans, you’ll be able to stay consistent with music practice each week. This can be something to look forward to every week, and will make working through Prodigies a successful routine for you and your young musicians.

What devices will this work on?

For quick streaming and all video lessons, you can easily stream through our app Prodigies on iOS, AppleTV, Android, AndroidTV, Roku4k, and fireTV.

Our web platform at contains all the same videos, plus additional features like sheet music, printable resources and curriculum activities.

Do we need an instrument?

You don’t NEED an instrument to start. There are instrument free lessons to begin, instrument free playlists and there’s even a digital instrument on our website.

That said, having an instrument will help your child’s skills and engagement significantly. This can be Prodigies Deskbells, any piano with color-coded stickers, or any kind of xylophone or C Major instrument.

There are also lessons specific to ukulele and recorder, and naturally you’ll want those instruments for these technique heavy courses.

And if I don't know anything about music?

Then you’re about to have a lot of fun learning music! 

No, but seriously… it’s easy, it’s fun and you can TOTALLY facilitate this program with your kids. We start out with easy echo songs about numbers, colors and solfege (do re mi) which make it super easy for anyone to follow.

Prodigies focuses on the fundamentals around pitch and rhythm using iconic notation, which means it won’t require you to read music. We focus largely on the notes and the chords — stuff most 7-12 year olds learn in piano lessons — we just do it with colors and hand-signs and bells that make it easier for younger age groups.

What age is this really for?

The videos and listening activities are fun and effective for kids throughout early childhood.

At 1 year old, they’ll start tapping a steady beat and singing “Do” and “Hello C", and can listen with our Totigies series.

By age 3, they’ll be hand-signing with Solfege and ready for the activities and worksheets.

By age 5, they’ll be recalling notes, playing melodies, practicing chords and crushing aural comprehension games.

By age 7, they’ll be playing more complex melodies, performing on their instrument and singing tunefully with confidence.

While every child’s musical journey is different, there is a wealth of evidence that shows that pitch exposure and a music education before age 6 can do some incredible things for the brain (like unlocking the skills associated with perfect pitch).

That’s why we encourage folks to start early, take breaks if you need to, and keep revisiting music lessons throughout your child’s development. Our own kids have gone through phases with the program and that’s 100% okay!

How do I use Prodigies with multiple kids?

Think of Prodigies like Netflix for educational music lessons. There are some programs that everyone will enjoy, some programs specifically for infants and toddlers and then some more advanced material as well.

Our platform currently only supports 1 profile per account, so while you can see your progress and where you left off (and even favorite videos and games), there isn’t a way to track multiple kids in one account.

To help with tracking individual progress, we have printable checklists & calendars that you can use for each kid to track their musical journey.

A lot of our core lessons focus on hand-signing with Solfege and then performing that melody on bells or xylophone. Siblings can alternate playing a single instrument with doing the hand-signs, or they can split up the bells to work together. There are performance tracks with multiple parts and instruments so you can easily make your own ensemble.

Music Educators Ask...

Fixed or Movable Do?

If you're looking for a gneral music curriculum for your elementary music classroom, you'll want to go with our standards-based curriculum, Prodigies Academy.

Most of our lessons and songs are in fixed Do, however we do have versions of songs in other keys that use moveable Do. Prodigies Academy teachers can quickly search and filter different styles and types of lessons/songs, add them to a lesson, and even build your own course!

From our experience, children who grow up with Prodigies prefer to stay in the Fixed Do system, where kids who are just coming into music during elementary school are better served by Movable Do. 

Standards Alignment

The earlier elements of our curriculum around patterns, numbers, letters, phonics and music are largely inspired by Head Start Standards and guidelines set forth by NAEYC.

The a full standards-based curriculum for your elementary classroom, check out our LMS, Prodigies Academy.

Prodigies Academy is our true standards-aligned digital curriculum for PreK-5. There you can filter, search and sort by state standards, and even make your own lessons to fill any gaps specific to your program. Sync to your LMS (Google Classroom, Clever, etc.), add students to classes, have students submit weekly assessments, sync your grades, customize your courses, and more!...all on a Cyber compliant (FERPA/COPPA) site.

Learn more at Prodigies Academy.


If you have mallet instruments, percussion, recorders, ukuleles, Boomwhackers, or any combination of those, you’re going to LOVVVVVEEEE working with Prodigies.

You can jump into the lessons or songs featuring those instruments, or pull up performance tracks that feature multiple instruments to get your ensemble playing together.

By having your kids follow our colorful and fun-to-play sheet music style, you’ll have more freedom to save your voice and float around the room assisting and assessing students one on one.

Boomwhacker friendly colors?

Um yeaa!!!

We work closely with Rhythm Band Instruments and Chromanotes and we do our best to match the colors we use to the colors they use.

If you find KidsPlay colored instruments (which feature a blue instead of a teal for the note G), these are NOT the same colors. Feel free to contact our support team about the color-coded system before you go buying bells from someone else.

What about older grades?

The colorful and upbeat nature of Mr. Rob & Prodigies often leaves older kids and parents wondering… “is this legit enough for my 7-12 year old?”

And the answer is YES!! Inside the general music curriculum, we have lessons and curriculum covering Mi Sol La, C Major songs, Intervals in C Major, Chords in multiple keys, melodies from Gershwin, Beethoven & more.

Then, you can move on to more advanced instruments like recorder and ukulele.

Google Classroom & Student Assessments?

Prodigies Lifetime unlocks our streaming video curriculum and PDF library, as well as a few bonus games and resources...perfect for families/homeschoolers.

This does NOT include student accounts, Google Classroom integration, or digital interactions more typical of an LMS.

These additional elementary school-specific features are found inside Prodigies Academy, which is a different platform.