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Los Pollitos Dicen - G Major - Fixed & Movable Do Sheet Music

Los Pollitos Dicen - G Major - Fixed & Movable Do Sheet Music

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Los Pollitos Dicen or “The Little Chicks Say” is a classic Spanish Nursery Rhyme whose popularity is similar to that of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in English. It’s sung in the households of many Spanish speaking countries from Mexico to Ecuador and Spain but its author is Chilean teacher, poet and musician Ismael Parraguez. Parraguez was prolific in his short life, writing books, hymns and children’s songs that have been absorbed intro a global culture and celebrated more than 100 years later.

The lyrics of Los Pollitos Dicen feature an onomatopoeia, a word formed from a sound. The little chicks say, “pío pío” or “chirp chirp,” the sound a baby bird might make. We found quite a few variations on the melody and the backing harmony so we’ve combined our favorite elements and transposed it to a key that works well with the deskbells. This arrangement is in the key of G and has fun melodic leaps, Spanish lyrics and both movable and fixed do Solfège hand-signs


Los pollitos dicen (The little chicks say)
pío, pío, pío (chirp, chirp, chirp)
cuando tienen hambre (when they are hungry) 
cuando tienen frío (when they are cold)

La gallina busca (The mother hen looks for)
el maíz y el trigo (corn and wheat)
les da la comida (she gives them food)
y les presta abrigo (And grants them shelter)

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