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Taps - Fixed & Movable Do Sheet Music

Taps - Fixed & Movable Do Sheet Music

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"Taps," the mournful bugle call that has become a staple of military funerals has a long history that pre-dates the American Civil War. Inspired by a piece called "Extinguish Lights," these impactful 8 measures are derived from a signal that meant lights out at the end of the day, time for soldiers to go to bed. General Daniel Butterfield felt the call was too formal and, with the help of a brigade bugler, revised the composition to what we now know as "Taps."

In the modern era, "Taps" has become a profound piece of the American ouevre and can be transformative when played on seminal holidays like Memorial Day, where we honor servicepeople that have lost their lives serving their country.

Our arrangement is in the key of F major and features inversions of arpeggios, poignant harmony and dotted 8th & 16th note rhythms. The sheet music contains note names  and Fixed & Movable Solfège Hand-Signs.

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