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12 X General Music Level 1B Textbook (Level 1, Chapters 5-8)

12 X General Music Level 1B Textbook (Level 1, Chapters 5-8)

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12 BRAND-NEW EDITIONS of our Chapter 5-8 Books!

The material in this book continues to focus on early pitch development & basic musicianship in C Major.

In Level 1A we focused on individual notes and the absolute fundamentals. Here, you will play more melodies using 3, 5 and 8 notes, and you will build toward a more complete understanding of the chords and the melodies you can play in C Major. We will continue to sing, hand-sign & play with Do Re Mi Fa Sol La & Ti, while learning popular melodies for kids and discovering more about chords & the language of music.

You’ll want a C Major Instrument like a xylophone, the Deskbells, a Piano, Boomwhackers, a glockenspiel, or you can follow along with our free “Prodigies Bells” app.

Each “Week” contains 4-6 videos with related worksheets & sheet music. The videos vary from 3 note songs with Mi Sol La up to more difficult melodies using all 8 of the C Major Bells. Like the previous book, you will often find several different videos & activities to work with within each week, to help you differentiate for older and younger students.

When you complete this course, you willl have an incredibly solid foundation for music. You will feel confident with the C Major Scale, with beginner rhythms and Solfège, and you will be ready for more advanced challenges inside Level 2.

Happy Musicing and enjoy Level 1B of Prodigies General Music Curriculum!

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