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12 x Recorder (Aulos 3-Piece)

12 x Recorder (Aulos 3-Piece)

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  • This 3-piece soprano recorder with detachable thumb rest uses Baroque fingering that includes C# and D# holes
  • Aulos recorders are a great value instrument; with excellent intonation and ease of playing, this instrument is excellent for students in the classroom or ensemble setting
  • Includes cloth bag and cleaning rod
  • Can be used with over 100 videos inside of Recorder Prodigies

New Recorder (2023)

The A303B recorder utilizes universal standard tuning in a complete chromatic scale. The
instrument features an improved curved windway which aids playing in high and low registers.
A concave bell at the foot joint aids in fulfilling the lower register. In addition, the location of the sound hole for the right-hand little finger has been moved for greater comfort and
efficiency while playing. Traditionally designed in the classic Baroque style, it incorporates all the advantages of the Aulos standard of quality. The three-piece recorder provides a rich tone, quick response, and expressive power in the whole range. Easy to play for
beginners and advanced players, with good intonation and a sonorous and clear sound.

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