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General Music Level 1A Workbook (Level 1, Chapters 1-4)

General Music Level 1A Workbook (Level 1, Chapters 1-4)

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We're thrilled to finally have a spiral bound textbook for our General Music Curriculum.

In Level 1A we focused on individual notes and the absolute fundamentals. Here, you will play more melodies using 3, 5 and 8 notes, and you will build toward a more complete understanding of the chords and the melodies you can play in C Major. We will continue to sing, hand-sign & play with Do Re Mi Fa Sol La & Ti, while learning popular melodies for kids and discovering more about chords & the language of music.

Each “Week” contains 4-6 videos with related worksheets & sheet music. The videos vary from 3 note songs with Mi Sol La up to more difficult melodies using all 8 of the C Major Bells. Like the previous book, you will often find several different videos & activities to work with within each week, to help you differentiate for older and younger students.

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