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Li’l Liza Jane

Li’l Liza Jane

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Li’l Liza Jane may seem like a simple, little ditty but it has an incredible history that spans centuries and transcends boundaries. The first version was published in 1916 but was most likely appropriated without consent. Thankfully, the work of BIPOC advocate and ethnomusicologist, Natalie Curtis, was able to link the origin of “Liza Jane” to an African-American song & dance.

Further than that, the chorus is presumably inspired by Funga Alafia, a traditional West African welcome song. Li’l Liza Jane has been adopted and adapted by many schools of music across multiple continents. It has stood an incredible test of time and its story grows stronger as we pass it along to you. To learn about the Li’l Liza Jane Documentary, click here.

Li’l Liza Jane Sheet Music is arranged in the key of C major and features call & response, syncopated rhythms and rhyming couplets. This download includes an MP3 Backing Track for the song, Li’l Liza Jane.

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