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Libro de Canciones Infantiles (PDF)

Libro de Canciones Infantiles (PDF)

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NEW Spanish Songbook for Kids: “Libro de Canciones Infantiles”

We are THRILLED to introduce Libro de Canciones Infantiles, our latest songbook that features colorful and easy-to-read music with lyrics, notation, and hand-signs for 12 beloved Spanish kids songs, en Español!

This book is almost entirely in Spanish with only a few English translations. Introductions to el alfabeto musical (musical alphabet), pulso estable (steady beat) y ritmo (rhythm) have all been translated by the Prodigies team to promote inclusivity and diversity.

The arrangements chosen for this songbook make it fun and accessible for your child to develop their musical ear, learn basic rhythms, sing & hand-sign solfège. We chose some of the most popular, easy-to-sing Spanish songs and put them into a book that can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

Featuring 12 kid songs to expand your child’s Spanish vocabulary, study the language of music and learn different songs around the world: Libro de Canciones Infantiles is a collection of traditional children’s songs that celebrates Latin American and Spanish heritage, and the essence of early childhood.

Each page is filled with educational, fun and culturally significant songs that can be heard in Spain and all over Latin America: Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Argentina, Mexico and more. These songs are a wonderful addition to your child’s songbook collection and ideal for early childhood education and bilingual homes & classrooms.

This is the PDF version of this book. For the hard-copy click here

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