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Note Knacks (Student Set)

Note Knacks (Student Set)

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Note Knacks are an interactive, hands-on learning tool that allows children to learn and absorb music notation concepts by working with these specially-designed manipulatives. The tiles provide kids with a physical representation of the five different rest and note values by length, color and notation. The note is on one side; the rest is on the other. Also, each tile is color coded so that if you say the color, you say the rhythm! Included time signature “frames” for 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time allows kids to self-correct their work.


  • Wooden manipulative pieces
  • Note Knacks Color Coding
  • Includes canvas bags
  • Tiles: 1 whole note/rest / 2 half note/rest / 4 quarter note/rest / 8 eighth note/rest / 16 sixteenth note/rest
  • Time Signature Frames: 2/4 / 3/4 / 4/4
  • Perfect for small groups

“I believe Note Knacks are the single most important purchase I’ve made in over 11 years of teaching elementary music. The children ‘get it’ almost immediately. And in 2nd grade when they are learning fractions with their regular teacher, we are able to do the same in music with a very visual tool. My curriculum revolves around them.” - Katie, Paulding County

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